Routine first steps on a new Mac

Whenever I use a new Mac, there are certain things that I routinely do. These are tasks that I did on my MacBook Air that died due to an unfortunate mishap. I repeated them when I helped my girlfriend to set up her MacBook Air. And I was going through these steps this afternoon when I got my Retina MacBook Pro.

The first thing that I do is to change the settings for my trackpad. Turn on tap to click and all the multi-gestures options.

Then I would open Safari and download Chrome. Safari has come a long way. However, I’m so used to Chrome that I use it everywhere I go. I even have a copy of portable Chrome in my thumb drive. Chrome is just simple to use. Yes, it can be a memory hog when you open too many tabs. I can speak from experience as I tend to open many tabs at once and sometimes I simply leave them open until I have time to read through what I was looking for.

A big feature for me on Chrome is the ability to sync with my Google account. This means that wherever I use Chrome, it would restore my settings and the Chrome apps that I’ve installed. I don’t have a habit of syncing my tabs but it was an advantage. Safari has the ability so sync tabs with the latest version. However, it’s a feature I hardly use.

The next step would be adding apps that I’ve used. I’m thankful for Mac App Store in this regard. I simply need to log into App Store and look at my purchases. I’ll be able to see the list of Apps I have bought in the past and simply install them on the new Mac.

Ideally, I should have backed up my Mac and simply migrate it to the new Mac. The MacBook Air was destroyed by a vase of water emptying on it. So I didn’t have the time to backup the Mac. Lesson learnt. I’ll be getting a drive and use Time Machine for automatic backups of my Mac.


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