My love for writing

When I was in secondary school, I was devoted to one passion. Writing.

My love for writing was seeded by reading the works of David Eddings. We had to read a book once a week or so, or maybe it was once a month, and we had to write a review of the book. This ensured that I was constantly reading. I read widely.

I started off with Star Wars novels as I’ve been a fan since young. I went on to read other science fiction classics such as the Dune series by Frank Herbert and the Star of the Guardians series by Margaret Weis. My friend, Cameron, urged me to venture into fantasy novels and highly recommended the Pawn of Prophecy by David Eddings.

My earliest contact with fantasy was through movies, television shows and anime. The anime series Slayers left the strongest impression. The Belgariad series was the first epic fantasy novel that picked up. Of course, books by Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl can be considered fantasy but I categorise them under children’s novels.

After the first few chapters of the Pawn of Prophecy, I was hooked. I could hardly put the book down. And when I was done, I was anxiously waiting for the next book.

My parents often told me and my siblings that novels were a waste of money. We were poor and they would rather we spend on more useful books such as encyclopaedias and non-fiction books. However, they also encouraged us to loan books from the library.

The school and public libraries were my regular hangouts. I was a librarian in my primary school but I was only interested in Tintin and Asterix. The libraries became a treasure trove when I discovered the novels section.

Since I got my novels from the libraries, I had to wait for the next book to become available. After each novel, I waited desperately to continue with the story. When I was lucky, I would be able to loan two consecutive books at the same time and be spared the wait.

I was enthralled. After I finished the Belgariad series, I moved on to the sequel the Mallorean. I started reading other works in the genre. Margaret Weis. Robert Jordan. RA Salvatore. I relished the adventures I had.

Aside from the book reviews, we had to submit weekly creative writing pieces in my secondary school. I toiled for topics to write about. Then one day, an idea struck me. I could write short stories for the assignments.

After a while, writing weekly was no longer satisfying. I was writing daily. Instead of a two-page assignment, I was submitting twenty pages a week. Words simply flowed and I enjoyed it.

However, my pen seems to have dried up since I went on to junior college and then university. It was partly due to me reading less and having less time to write. I still love to write and I still enjoy sitting down with a few characters, a settings, and let the story happen.

I’ve decided to do that once more and write daily, time permitting. I’ll post the more interesting pieces here just to share the passion with like-minded people out there.


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