A Place for Me

In this ugly world we live in
Power and prestige is all that matter
I find myself giving in
Unable to shy away from inevitable battle
The fight to be the best
For money and power to reach the top
Not a single moment of rest
Lest my rivals bring me down from the top

How many feet do we need to trample on
Just so that we can get what we want
Others misery that we build our success upon
Is this the life that I truly want?
The answer doesn’t matter at all
The society doesn’t give us many choices
I only know that I must not fall
Cos if I do my life will shatter into a million pieces

I’ve learnt to lose my innocence
To stop believing that I can change the world
I know now that all is just nonsense
Unless I can win the respect of the world
Only then would I have the power
And command solid influence
Only then would my words matter
And make a world of a difference


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