Same Old Brand New Me

A new year lies ahead of me
Full of surprises that could be
Once again I stand tall
Recovered from my fall
I have learnt a valuable lesson
Love is not just possession
Letting go is another kind of love
Maybe it’s decided by the man above

You are so cold and detached
That it makes me really dejected
After all those times we stood together
Now we’re just two strangers
The things I still try to lend a helping hand
And make it a point to do what I can
You don’t show any appreciation
Only a look of exasperation

I have decided to stop making myself feel sad
Why let someone who does nothing make me feel bad
There are so many others who keep trying to make me smile
I should cheer up and make their effort worth the extra mile
To all the friends who stood by me
I’m proud to finally let you see
I have found my feet once again
And a new chapter in my life begins

My deepest gratitude to all that you have done
Knowing you all has been a hell load of fun
Once again my smile comes unbidden
As I embrace the happiness that I forsaken

It is the same old brand new me
As happy as I used to be
But now I know something that will brighten up my days
That my happiness is mine alone and no one can take that away


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