Ran into a wall

I used to think that love prevails over any obstacle
Now I have become very sceptical
As beautiful as love can be
The ability to make it last escapes me
I did all I could
Maybe more than I should
I gave you my all
Yet I ran into a wall
I tried giving more
To change things to what they were before
The more I try to give
The more you want to leave
So now I just try to disappear
Learning to suppress my fear
A ghost of me that watches from a distance
Going with the flow of destiny and provide no resistance
To its might and power but let it wash me along
With a glimmer of hope that it will take me to where you belong
A paradise where you and I reunite once more
A silly dream I hold close to my heart’s core
Letting go is never easy
Both for you and for me
Destiny might have seen this long ago
Maybe separation will make us come to know
The importance of cherishing each other
And the true value of being together


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