Sitting here as the words unravel
Leaving my world in constant upheaval
My concern became control to you
The true intentions I thought you knew
Simple actions that I was so used to
Seemed as though I was checking on what you’re up to
An impulsive but harmless act
Which I now truly regret
Amplified the suspicions that you previously had

Now I’m left with my trust betrayed
By people who meant well and they won’t be blamed
To add insult to my injury
I lost your trust unknowingly
I never meant to make you feel
Please look through your anger’s veil
And understand my sincerity is real

All this is but a big misunderstanding
I just hope that you will be more discerning
I know that the process will be a long journey
One day you may finally forgive me
For I never meant to cause the torment I put you through
I apologise for being such an insensitive fool
I respect your desire to be left alone
But know that spiritually you’ll never be alone
I will be watching over the gem of my heart
I know it’s best if for now we part
Until you thought things through and see things as I do
Maybe then we can start anew
A fresh start back to the happiness we knew


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